Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dating a Metro?

The Jilted Love Monkey, pictured here, is dating the Curious Canary Hunter.

CCH is a different sort of man. Not quite a Metrosexual, but not a slob...

I think he's borderline Metro.

I could never date a full-blown Metro. Anyway, CCH's case goes like this:

He owns a pair of shoes for every occasion. Those of us women who LOVE shoes might have one for every occasion...but then we wouldn't be able to justify buying more shoes!

He will go through his closet and throw out things he doesn't wear. Now I'm not sure about that, I've seen guys wear hand-me-down t-shirts from their older brothers or even fathers.
These shirts are worn until they are practically see-through and have holes in them.

Then they become work-out shirts! And after that, possibly rags. Efficient, yet hardly stylish.

CCH hates body odor, but who doesn't?! Thing is, he doesn't like the smell of 'manly' soaps like Irish Spring, Lever 2000, or Zest. He hates bar soap. There are lots of bodywash products made with men in mind, typically in dark greens and blues with manly names.

He thinks men that use those are Metros.

So he uses Oil of Olay Body Wash.

He hates hair. As a woman, I can understand that. But many women, including myself, like chest hair. CCH actually has some, yet he trims it. And then shaves the divet at the base of his neck so it doesn't peek out of his shirt.

"He wants that perfect line," says the Love Monkey. He also unconsciously rubs his chest to make sure it's trimmed enough. He does it all the time, it's annoying.

He also is repulsed by his back hair. I've never seen it, but I bet it isn't that bad. He will give himself a half-hug in an attempt to shave as much as possible.

mmm nothing like cuddling up to stubble!

CCH has 2 belts. One black and one brown. (Practical, and no, it isn't just one belt that's reversable.)

'Do you think I should get another black belt? I wear this one all the time.' Love Monkey claims this was said in the manliest way possible. Right.

He's a good guy, don't get me wrong, an odd blend of the manly and metro. What do you think of the Metro?

Could you ever date a man that took just as long to get ready for a date and tried on just as many outfits...sharing a mirror with him while he gels his hair...shudder

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