Friday, May 19, 2006

Yes, we're laughing at YOU!

Most of the time, when people are out shopping or dining, they rarely notice 'the help,' all of those little retail people that make everything possible...
But sometimes, we are noticed.

Like when we're have a good time at work, everyone's smiley and polite.

And of course, when we're having our worst days, we'll snap at you and be pissy.

Then there are regulars. You know who you are.

You go to the same place for lunch every Tuesday, or even every day. You always make that stop off at Starbucks on the way to work.
Same time, everyday, week after week. We notice. But do you notice us?

If you've been a regular long enough, you may even know us by name and make small talk. We already know your order and start making it the minute you walk in the door.

Then there are those of you that don't know our names, and probably wouldn't even recognize us on the street. (you stupid jerks...)

We have names for you people. Especially The Attractive.

You might be known as 'Sexy Business Man' or 'Tattoo Guy' or even 'Musky Lady'

If we can't find anything obvious to call you, you're known by your order.

The order that NEVER changes. (What's wrong with a little variety people?!)

The other night, while hanging out at the old samich shop, 'Hot Sunday Guy' came in.

I've heard stories about Hot Sunday Guy from the Jilted Love Monkey and the Cute Angry Elf.

As he was placing his order, I couldn't help but laugh at those two.

JLM had to go in the back to make sure her hair was just right...Angry Elf was making eyes at him.

My laughter made the cashier snicker since he gets to see this every week...then the other two start laughing...Hot Sunday Guy glances at me as he walks by...(sly smile)

I called them all dorks. (this picture has nothing to do with the post, but i love it. Ken looks so HAPPY!)

He felt a little self-concious...that was obvious...though he didn't know why we were laughing...or did he!?

Other times the regulars overreact...if you go into a place every night at the same time and order the same thing week after week...we'll ask your name. Please be nice.

The Cute Angry Elf, who is all of 18 and 5'2" had asked a night regular his name, and he looks her and says :

UM, I'm MARRIED (holds up left hand)


Now we laugh at him too. Do pay attention to the little people...and don't forget to tip!


Deadpool said...

i dug this post...i try to be nice...but if it's a "pissy day"...for the retail..hey, you drew first blood

Spicy Little Pi said...

Right now, our air conditioning is broken. It's hell.

As long as you aren't the guy that walks in and says, 'GAWD it's HOT in here...aren't you guys HOT?'

Makes me wanna jam this french bread up yer ass buddy...move along...

Yeah so as long as you aren't 'that guy' I try to be pretty nice...