Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mature Bar Musings

A bar, a pub, a club, a watering hole...whatever you want to call it, you're there to drink and have a good time...

Usually the conversation is interesting...but not always mature.

Take the conversation I had at the bar Saturday night:

Hey guys, I saw a picture of a guy that looks just like soandso getting teabagged! That was the biggest sac I've ever seen.

Teabagging has kinda gone by the wayside...it's really too bad, it's quite the art-form.

Well, you bigger guys are lucky, when I teabag someone they can still lean back and see the ceiling, when any of you guys do it, they also get the Stinkface.

. . . ::all ponder::

::all nod::

You really are all back-n-crack, aren't you?

Ahhh...good quality conversation.

And the joke of the night:

Why do women have driver's licenses?


I dunno. . . . . . . there isn't a highway between the bedroom and the kitchen...

oh snap.

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