Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Words of Wisdom?

We enjoy listening to The John Tesh Radio Show on the weeknights that I work at the samich shop.

I know, those are forbidden words...'enjoy' and 'John Tesh' in the same sentence...!

Anyway his little 'Intelligence for your Life' spoofs are pretty funny, and occasionally informative.

The other night he thought it'd be a good idea to get in touch with his pet-owning listeners.

'We all love our pets, but there are things that we need to face up to, like when they die.

Here's how to tell if your pet is really dead:

First, can you see it breathing? Breathing is when air is taken into the lungs and the chest expands, can you see it's chest going up and down?

The second was you can tell if they're alive is to hold a mirror up to their nose, if you see it fog up, then they're still alive.

And the last way to tell if your pet is dead is to test its ocular reflex. Take your finger or the eraser side of a pencil and push on its eye...'


Are people really that stupid?! Have there been multiple occurences of people burying live animals? If we all follow his advice, there will probably be more incidences of injured or even missing fingers...

If you want to be sure it's really dead, poke it in the eye. Brilliant!

Thank you, John Tesh....oh, and uh, when's that MotherShip coming?

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