Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Boys will be boys...

A more than slighty disturbing event that occurred at the apartment of the Cute Angry Elf:

While in her bathroom she noticed her cat playing with something on the floor. . .

Upon further inspection she realized it was a condom.

A red one.

Not a fully packaged red condom either.

A completely unpackaged red condom. (seemingly unused...and the wrapper MIA)

The cat prolly fished it out of the trash...

But where did it come from?

There had been only one person in her apartment....her SO.

He's a nice guy, a young guy, an inexperienced guy, if ya know what I mean....

(He's a VIRGIN)

Love Monkey and I came up with a few scenarios:

  1. He was in the bathroom practicing putting it on...
  2. He was in the bathroom yanking the snake and didn't want to make a mess...
  3. He already had it on when he got there and took it off when things didn't look like they were leading to sex...
I'm not really sure which is more disturbing.

She asked him about it.

Of course, he had no idea.

Love Monkey was horrified at the possibilities. Things like this make her squeamish.

I just thought....aawww isn't that cute.

Which do you think is most likely?

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