Thursday, June 22, 2006

Random Sayings & Happenings: People your age...

The Big O and I work with lots of little boys.

By that I mean they are under 21.

The majority are still in the cesspool referred to as 'high school.'

One of these little boys, let's call him Little Shit, has an attitude commonly found in drag queens: Sissy yet Sassy.

I've seen him almost cry when another worker said he was fired for not showing up for work earlier that day. (not true, just giving the little guy shit.)

Little Shit is 16, looks 12, is scrawny as hell, and he likes rap.

He insists on being able to pick the music for every shift he works:

Little Shit: Hey can I put on some music?

Big O:It isn't going to be T.I. Lil Daddy er some shit like that is it?

Well, I must have something you like! How about Outkast?

That's ok by me, put it in, I actually like Outkast.

(Then he looks Big O straight in the eye and says)
I thought you'd like it, people your age seem to like Outkast.
(kids these days!)

Excuse me?!

Well, my mom's boyfriend like them too.

Little Shit has a Hot Mom. She's a petite little thing & She rides a crotch rocket.

And apparently she likes younger men.

We're always giving him shit about it.

Funny how we're supposed to play 'family friendly' music, yet we don't have booster seats, high chairs, milk, or peanut butter & jelly samiches. (And if you want mayo on your bread and turkey samich, you're getting it in packets, damnit.)

Last night, The Love Monkey was discussing her uncertainty about the future:

My dad's thinking about opening up a Marina. He said I could work there...

What would you be doing?

He said 'servin burgers, scoopin' bait, and prolly gassing up boats. I'm 24 and I work for my dad, would you like some more slugs with that?'


Gas 'em Scoop 'em Serve 'em

What more could a girl ask for?

**Warning: Cheesiness Ahead**

Big Dan's brother is in Dentist College. He finally broke up with this stupid bitch he's been dating long distance in Cali. She said she 'needed a break.'

But what does that mean?! he asked. So Big D got some opinions.

Several people, independently said, 'That means she wants some dick, and it ain't yours.'

Why doesn't he just go back to school and find himself a hot dentist chick to drill?

(I know, I know...I'm crapping up the internet with that one)

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