Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mmmm, soothing...

Working at Ye Olde Samich Shoppe makes the Pi eat pretty healthfully.

Not a bad thing.

Occasionally, (AHEM, once a week) we order up some grease.


In lieu of fresh vegetables we go for deep fried vegetables. They have been raped of all their nutrition so we have yet another thing to batter & fry.

I'd eat just about anything fried.

This past GREASE FEST featured onion rings, jalapeno poppers, fries, and suicide hot wings.

The FEST is not complete without proper ear treats. LoveLine, baby!

A customer comes in, starts to order his sandwich with extra mayo, and then pauses...Dr. Drew was answering a question about Chunky Semen. . .

(All eyes present go w i d e.)

Umm, do you still want extra mayo on that? (he did)

Hellman's Real Mayonnaise, Brings out the Best!

Food & Sex. A topic that many have explored before, but we had to take it over the line. . .

What if someone had a ketchup fetish?

Oh baby, forget that lube, where's my Heinz?!

Honey you taste so damn good, could you pass me another fry? (so wrong)

Actually, mayo might be the better condiment-as-lube choice, instead of, say, dijon mustard.

That would be a double dangerous dose of love...

Ow, it burns! Oh yeah, baby, you're so hot.


The soothing elements of mayo would be a nice follow up, don't you think?

Makes me want to start teasing the dieters in the office again...

(i think my over tired coffee induced zombitude is finally leaking onto the internet...)

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