Tuesday, November 14, 2006

CSR: Brian

OK I've been trying to post this for about a week, but work's been retardedly busy and I've only added to it as things developed. Sadly, no time for pics or pretty formatting. I'm posting it anyway. - I can't let it be this way, it's just not ME.

About two weeks ago, I turned on my tv and I didn't have a picture.

I had a guide for the cable, I could look at that all handy-dandy that it is, but I didn't have a PICTURE.

So I call the cable company.

Thank you for calling Medicaom this is Brian how can I help you?

Brian, I don't have a picture.

Ok let me take a look...

. . .

Looks like your account is DELINQUENT.

The way he said it made me feel like a BUM.

Delinquent?! But I've made payments!

It says your last payment was made in August.

After that I had to dig around for bank statements, check my bank website...then I figured out that I had made 2 payments to the wrong account number.

Good job, Spicy.

After trying to fax them stuff using the fax machine in my apartment building's 'Business Center'

I decided to go back to the office and fax it from there.

I receive a phone call from Brian saying:

Ok, we got your fax
and we'll unblock your cable shortly.

So is this all taken care of? The payments have been applied to the correct account number and I'm all caught up?


Until now. Actually Monday. Two weeks after Brian told me everything was ok...

I get home, and my cable is blacked out again.


So I call them.

Thank you for calling Mediacom Customer Service, my name is Brian, how can I help you today?

A heavy breather creepy type voice.

The kind you would associate with a Child Molester.

Brian, I don't have internet or a picture, why is my cable blacked out?

Your account is delinquent.


So I tell him about all the bullshit that happened 2 weeks ago.

Yep, I can see that in your account notes...

So what's the problem?!

He put me on hold constantly.

They have really bad music playing so loud it's distorted.

Um, I have to fill out a form and send this to be researched. Could you fax us some documentation proving you paid your bills?

Sure. I'll send the same fucking statement and screen shots from my bank's website saying the payments were made....dickhead.

He begins to type.

He talks under his breath when he does it.

Extremely annoying and creepy as all hell.

He types out the entire story in some form...I can practically hear his supervisor telling him how to fill it out...

Oh shit...I think I just messed up...oh no I think it's locked up...can I put you on hold?

You're kidding me.

He comes back on after a few minutes of mind-crushing music...

OK, here's what you need to do, fax that stuff to this number with a note saying it's for research in reference to ticket number....

Um, ok.

Oh and you need to hurry! Do it as quickly as you can! You've been scheduled for a non-payment disconnect, like, soon.

So I did all the shit he said I had to do. That was during lunch on Tuesday.

It is now Thursday and I am still without cable and internet.

I've heard all kinds of horror stories from people about Mediacom.

Maybe I should call them back and tell them to shove their cable up their ass.

Update: I called them that night, pretty pissed and ready to start yelling and talked to a female CSR...she was SUPER NICE, so I calmed down...she agreed to turn my cable on for a few more days while they research the problem...

Last night I called again for an update, I FINALLY talked to someone that acted like she was on my side.

She found that my research ticket had been closed without findings. She called a supervisor at my local office.

They claimed they never got a fax.

I had the actual fax and the confirmation page right in front of me.

She puts me on hold, returns and get some info, mentions that supervisor person is being difficult. She writes them an email.

I tell her I got a call earlier in the day from the collections department saying a service guy is coming to my apt on thursday to disconnect my cable.

She writes a note on the work order saying do not disconnect her cable, research is still being done.

OK, she'll keep on eye on it and give me a call in a couple of days.

Wow, a customer service rep that is ACTUALLY DOING HER JOB.

I got home last night and my cable/internet is blacked out.

Fucking great. I'm going to miss my show.

Next question: Should I pay my next bill? Or wait until they find where they put the first 2?


Tayster said...

All I want to ask is where are the colors on this post?

No colors. No pictures.

It's almost like Pi didn't write this.

Spicy Little Pi said...

it's really bothering me too!

I'll fix it.

otherwise I won't be happy with it.

Anonymous said...

Come on now the title should have been: The Cable Pi

Spicy Little Pi said...

OK you've seen it 'naked' and now it's 'a la Spicy'

now tell me the colors don't add something.

cuz they do!

Anonymous said...

At this point you should probably elevate your complaint as high up the chain of command as possible.

Demand to speak with a person who can resolve the issue while you are on the phone with them and that if it's not resolved at the conclusion of this phone call then threaten to cancel the account, tell them you are going to spread this encounter around the area via word of mouth and tell all your friends to cancel their accounts as well...

Even if they can't resolve it immediately, there's a good chance that you'll get a couple of free months of service out of it.

Although it's true that you started this mess by paying the wrong account, they screwed up even worse by giving you the run around and not making sure that it was taken care of the first time.

Spicy Little Pi said...

So get this. I got a voicemail from the CSR that said she'd keep an eye on it... and now everything is peachy.

I didn't even get to throw a first class hissy fit.