Thursday, November 30, 2006

Meeting Poop

The thing about meetings is they generate poop.

I mean more work.

Mostly for me.

But of course, when the meeting ends, it's not really over...

Now you have to gather up all your stuff and take it back to your desk

Then reorganize it.

Then take your notes and type them up or file them or both.

Then 'Identify Your Primary Action Items'

Egh. That made me feel dirty.

And not in a good way!

Disgusting Corporate Speak coming out of my brain via my lovely fingers.

What a process.

Course, I could come back to my desk and throw it in a labeled folder and forget about it until 2 hours before the next meeting and then rush through it all....

Nono, Spicy is organized.

So I'll go through all the mumbo-jumbo of typing up 'official' meeting notes and listing what everyone is supposed to do for next week etcetc

Maybe I've been infected by the Corporate Bug.

Maybe the latest motivational book they gave us is actually working.

It's called The Fred Factor btw.

You gain a 'Freducation'

We should all be Freds.

I think I'm brain dead.Grrr

Oh yeah, I shaved my kitties today.

Both of them, not just The Ugly One.

I caught Drooly at just the right moment...

This picture acurately captures her mood when I make her leave home!

Laugh at them in their new 'dos.

It'll make you feel better! (I do :)


Leafs Fan said...

I hate meetings for the same reasons.

Spicy Little Pi said...

haha i love these pics but it doesn't do the haircuts justice, when you see it in person you can't stop laughing!