Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Hair!

Back in the day, in college, Pi had really short hair...

Like spikey short.

I loved it. I understood why guys like their hair short.

After 2.5 years of short hair, it was time to grow it out.

Easier said than done!

Finally in April 2005 I committed to growing it out.

I made a secret pact with some stone-cold killers to whack me if I gave in...

I've had it trimmed twice since then...until yesterday!

Whoooo new hair!!

And it's Election Day.

I'm so goddamn sick of campaign ads.

Finally, we'll decide who 'controls' Congress. whooo

I think I look kinda Psycho Killer in this one...

I have other stuff to bitch about but not the time.


Maybe tomorrow...

oh yeah...The Pi is still alive!!

I went to the doctor and got me some drugs and ::POOF::

No more sick. Yet I have 7 more days of drugs to take.

Figures, it was 'the usual' and I was prescribed 'the usual'

Just once I'd like to be diagnosed with something exotic yet curable without noticable scars.


PatZ said...

wooo! drugs!!

Ciavarro said...


Which one is the before?

Smelly Danielly said...

LOVE the new hair!!!

Spicy Little Pi said...

thanks! me too :)