Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

After a 5.5 hour drive with 2 cats, one of them drugged and fighting it, I finally arrived at my mother's house in Schaumburg, Illinois

Aaahhh Schaumburg.

Our relationship is ok. High School. The mall. A little love, a little hate.

But it's always great to see my mother!

She cooked a fantastic meal, the prep had already begun by the time I arrived, at 3.15 on Wednesday...

Homemade everything!Mom's Turkey

Stuffing from pumpernickle bread, with nuts and cranberries

Mashed potatoes

Green bean casserole - not one ingrediant from a can!

Chocolate cake

Berry Pie

And of course, a turkey.

It was wonderful.Gf, Bro, Mom

We even had some soup that I made!

(I was feeling cook-y one weekend and junked out on the Food Network...)

My brother's gf came, the best friend was still in bed after a late night...oh well

She's really nice and was actually TALKING unlike the last one!
Me, my Bro, Mom
She tried really hard and the effort was appreciated, his previous gf was a bit of an ice queen...

Here we are, all happy with our Cranberry Kir Royales

(fancy name for champagne with cranberry juice concentrate...)

A few hours of brainless television later,
it was time to head to my dad's thanksgiving...

We caught him carving the turkey a la Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dad and his turkey
His spread included:

2 kinds of stuffing

sweet potatoes

mashed potatoes

green bean casserole


apple pie and pumpkin pie

and the turkey...
Dad's Table
Now, normally dad is a great cook.

Not this year.

The turkey was juicy to the point of sliminess....and a tad too salty

The stuffing I had was saturated.

Like a bread sponge. gross.

The sweet potatoes were pretty tasteless...how the fuck do you do that?!

The green bean casserole was completely out of a can.

Before that was okay.

Before my mother's that is.

Now it's just Nasty, capital N, Nasty.

When I get her recipe, I'll post it.

It was that good.

Around 5 my bro, his gf, and I high tailed it out of there...

They still had to go to her parents' house!

I finished the last of the leftovers for lunch

They were delicious.


ATL LG said...

Hey I know that town! Really, been there even been to a couple of joints called The Snuggery ( I think that's what they were called ....uhhh I was really drunk ) Had lots of snow ( first two weeks of Feb.) and me being a Southern Boy I had NO coat.

Looks like fun was had with the fam. which is good.

Spicy Little Pi said...

Silly Southerner!

So you've been to good ol Schaumburg? During the first two weeks of Feb? That's when my bday is...where's my gift?!

Strange, someone actually knows what I'm talking about...

Smelly Danielly said...

your brother looks like your dad and you look like your mom...very good looking family!

Spicy Little Pi said...

thanks smelly! I always hear I look like my mom, which in this case isn't a bad thing :)