Friday, November 10, 2006


This was the view from my cube window 2 DAYS AGO:


And here it is NOW:

(pardon the glare)


Iowa weather is the screwiest shit.


Leafs Fan said...

Come on..CANADA is extreme temps!

Seriously, yes, you're right. Here in England they complain no matter the weather!

PatZ said...

el nino is angry.

Spicy Little Pi said...

i think el nino had a fit cuz someone stole his favorite bag of doritos...

things are back to 'normal' now...

RyeGuy said...

My gramma phoned and said that they got 14 inches of snow last weekend.

Come to Alberta. But don't sneeze, you might start a tornado in Calgary.

Actually... sneeze away. Calgary sucks.

ATL LG said...

Holy Shit! That would be "Winter Weather Watch 06'" here in the ATL!

Funny we are due for one of those rarities of a winter storm (my prediction for this winter) when we get like 3-6 inches of snow (always on top of 1-2 inches of ice which makes the northern transplants realize they ain't in Buffalo anymore). This will shut down the city for at least 3 days.

And NOBODY can bitch cause only 1 out of 100 people are natives so screw em. Hell that's why hold onto a week or so of vacation time.

Spicy Little Pi said...

haha rye! most of canada is king of winter, a piddly little pre-mature iowan snow storm is nothing compared to what you guys get!

A snow storm without a preceding ice storm or freezing rain is absolutely against the rules in Iowa. Dangerous as hell too.

What really sucks is it's always windy here. Lots of snow drifts.

Shut down for 3 days?! That's insane, you pansies!

RyeGuy said...

make sure you replace the summer air in your tires with winter air, otherwise they'll lose pressure and are more likely to go flat.

Spicy Little Pi said...

thanks for the reminder!