Monday, December 04, 2006

Belated Birthday!

leather and laceI've been so damn busy lately that my First Blog Birthday came and went I only just noticed!

Alas, the busy-ness continues and The Best Of Cubemonkey Adventures will be up sometime this week!

Stupid work.

Always getting in the way.

Completely unrelated, I met another Des Moines Area blogger over the weekend!Chip's drunk!

I used to read him all the time, and I once saw him at The Garden...but I wasn't sure it was him...

He said it prolly was.

He's friends with commenter krissi, which is how she found her way here.

Anyway it was Matt of chip-chat.

We got a little drunk, danced a little funny and a good time was had by all.

Here he is totally blasted. I couldn't quite get the red-eye removal thingy to work on his left eye, when it did, it gave him this really creepy look, so I left it...

Crazy how all this blog shit ties people together, isn't it?

hmmm I feel a list coming on...

I also ran into a co-worker that had just come from a Sweater Party.

This must be a new thing, cuz I've never heard of it.

Basically you wear the ugliest sweater you can find to the party.

Here's everyone's favorite Star Trek TNG star, Wil Wheaton in a hideous sweater.

The pain on his face reflects my reaction...

Time for a trip to Goodwill!

In other Spicy News, there's been a man-explosion!

Time to make some Dating Rules . . .

Any suggestions?!


krisi said...

My friends are having a holiday sweater party on the should come!
and holy crap on all the boys.
saturday was fun from what i have heard so far!

Matt S. said...

It was fun to meet you this weekend, I apologize that you had to catch me on a night that I was in such rare (read drunk) form. Oh well it was fun, at least what I can remember of it!

I did learn a valuable lesson, never play drinking games with Captain and Coke. Oy vey!

I want to attend an Ugly Holiday Sweater party, how do I get signed up?

Spicy Little Pi said...

no apologies!! you were hilarious!

i'm in for the 16th. we must go shopping for sweaters and possibly a BeJeweler...maybe iron-on patches or something...

my sweater will be the ugliest.
if not it will at least be busy and shiney just like my xmas tree!