Friday, December 29, 2006

Home Lunch

Nothing beats going home for lunch

except maybe a naughty lunch - but even that is better at home...

I live extremely close to work.

Like 1.7 miles close to work.

I can go home and take a little nap.

Or watch some Jerry Springer.

Or Animal Planet.

Or The Daily Show!

Cook up some leftovers, or make something super quick

It's a wonderful break in the day!

Yesterday I actually learned something while at home for lunch.

Animal Planet was running some program about creatures that live in the abyss.

Like this ugly fucker:

The show went on to describe how these things mate.

Since it's pitch black down there, once a male, which is 1/10th the size of the female, finds a lady, he bites her.

He bites until he can latch on.

Within a few days, they're fused together.

He lives off of her blood, which circulates through his body.

In return, she has a constant supply of sperm.

He ends up being a parasitic ballsack!

Amazing isn't it?

It's the Traditional Provider Model turned on it's head and bent over.

Yes, I just did a post on deep sea angler mating.

I learned something so I thought I'd share!

okok i'll write more, i'm bored anyway!

The funniest thing I got for Christmas was a little box from my grandmother containing Extreme Age-Defying Line Reducing Face Cream

All of the active ingrediants are sunscreen.

Gee, thanks, Gramma!

Next Year I'll be sure to get you that super-pack of Depends and Old-Lady Blue-Hair dye, even though you'll only be 67!Drooly in a bag

I took this picture while I was home for lunch yesterday

My kitties prefer bags and boxes to actual cat toys.

Stupid furballs.

As you can see, it makes her happy.

There's nothing going on here at work and it was pretty obvious by the amount of cars on the road this morn that damn near everyone took today off.

Except me.

New Years Eve!! yes, I'm doing something.


We're hitting the Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines this year,
got a room and a bottle of bubbly and breakfast and a big party with 3 bands

80s Cover Bands.

Need I say more?!

There will be pictures, oh yes, there will!

Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year!


Christopher said...

Sounds like a great formula for debauchery! Looking forward to the recap.

I hope you took lots of pictures... the camera is always good for piecing the night back together, and for maintaining the timeline of events.

Leafs Fan said...

I gotta do you come up with these posts?

Spicy Little Pi said...

the rambling of all kinds of seemingly unrelated information posts?

haha lauren, i could ask you the same thing!

well, all this stuff really happened and I was thinking about it, so I figured I'd throw it out there.

Strange, I know, I think about the weirdest things...

Tuesday was a super busy day back to work, and I was freakin sick all day at home yesterday, so the New Year's Eve Re-cap Extravaganza Post is still in the works...

Shaz said...

*taps foot* Where are the NYE pictures? I'm getting curious now.