Friday, December 22, 2006

Rockin' The Ugly Seasonal Sweater Vest

Ugly Sweater VestAt work, oh yeah you know it!

I bought this vest at a thrift store for 2 dollars - sweet!

It's my way of making fun of all the people that wear them.

It's a Sag Harbor btw.

There are certain types of ladies that wear Sag Harbor... haha it's cheesey I bet you can figure it out!

I'm going to throw up a bunch of random stuff Cuz I Feel Like It.

Notice the fishie in the background

His name is Alberto.

Al-Bear-tho, make sure you say it right, bitch, otherwise he'll jump out that bowl so fast and show you what a Siamese Fighting Fish is all about!

and FYI - Sweet TieI'm not the only one that 'dressed appropriately' for the last day in the office before Christmas!

Here's Jon rockin the overalls and a Grinch Tie.


Cuz he's fucking cool like that.

I gave a select few of my coworkers gifts.

Yeah, I'm THAT chick at the office.

One of the guys that opened his gift yesterday was SO EXCITED.

I couldn't believe it.

This is the first Christmas gift I've gotten this year. You don't get many when you're older, then it's all about the kids.

He proceeded to rip off the wrapping paper like a giddy little kid!

When he got the Golf-theme Desk Bookends out of the box he was floored!

The look on his face was precious and he was touched.

That's why I do it, that look!

Very satisfying.

It was an extremely appropriate gift, since we're 'In the Business' where playing Golf is damn near mandatory.

He's a Golf Lover, and I figured he'd like another golf-themed piece to grace his office.

I'm so thoughtful.

I'm glad he liked it so much, he's going to be my new boss.

I rock.

CEO-Bossman won't receive his gift from me until next week.

I got him a 3-pack of cacti. I need to go back to IKEA and get the nifty-difty 3-pot holder thingy for em...

Why Cacti?

Cause he can't keep a regular friggin plant alive in his office.

I just hope he doesn't think I think he's a prick - cactus, prickly, ouch - you get it? haha
Grain Belt Rocks my world!
Monday night I went to the High Life Lounge in my Goodwill shirt.

Orange Flowers.


Sleeves that Flare from the elbow down.

In other words, Fucking Awesome.

We drank some Grain Belt.

Best. Shitty Beer. Ever.

Oh yeah, those are bowlingTake Three! pictures behind us.

The High Life Rocks.

It was a JJs Reunion of sorts.

Besides my two best buds in the pic, The Big O and Nick 'Naked Hummus' Rich and Theresa were present.

We had all worked at the same store in downtown Ames

Nick was a shift manager, I, a lowly inshopper, Rich a delivery driver, and then Theresa, I got her hired, she got Beckman hired, and he got Owen hired!


Anyway, the office is eerily quiet today, less than half the office will be here Tuesday!

Including me!

Yes, Spicy is heading back to Chi-town.

A Spicy Christmas includes making something like 50 pounds of tamales on Christmas Eve with the Mexican family and then sitting around eating them, catching up, watching tv, and drinking beer.


I'm sure to stuff my face and do some shopping the other days as well...

Oh I was wrapping gifts last night and ITarget Bag Wisdom happend to actuall LOOK at a Target Bag:

How long has this been going on?!

Let's see, I've done

Numbers 1, 2, 7, and 9.

Water Balloon?!

They are confident enough in their plastic bag quality that they think it would hold water long enough for me to hurl at someone/thing?!

I might have to test that one.

If you're using a whole taget bag for an ice pack for a head lump, you should prolly seek medical attention.

A lump that big, it's got to be a Tumor.

Sorry to inform ya, buddy, it's cancer.

Alright enough babbling, Pi!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, if you're travelling, I hope you arrive safely!

For all my Canadian Homies, enjoy the shopping madness that is Boxing Day, not a shopper? Enjoy another day off with the family!

I'll be back Wednesday!

Cheers all, and Merry Christmas!


Christopher said...

You know... Grain Belt IS the best shitty beer ever!!

I've only had it one night... at a wedding reception in North Dakota. But I gave it the EXACT same award and raved about it for days after having sampled one (or five).

Spicy Little Pi said...

lol North Dakota?! Doesn't surprise me...

It's wonderful, and usually the first beer they run out of!

Chris, my Grain Belt drinking, comrade, lift your beer and toat to the Premium!

Cheers : )