Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Guido Seed

I've known for awhile that I'm not as Mexican as I was previously told

How much not-as-Mexican?

Supposedly I was told earlier this year, but I wasn't listening.

Your Grandfather is also part Italian, but he's isn't sure how much, he didn't really know his parents

That's the line I had been fed for awhile.

Now the truth comes out.

Well, your grandfather didn't want to let it be known that we were part italian because there were families involved with the mob living in the area. I went to school with mob kids.

Thanks, Dad.

I'm no longer 50% Mexican.

I'm 37.5% Mexican and 12.5% Italian.

I'm a Pseudo-Guido Seed.

Which kinda explains why we have a last name that might be Italian

I've always loved Italian food.

Hell I make a mean white wine sauce.

Love Gaahhhlic.

I loved The Sopranos.

By this highly scientific set of criteria, I just may be Italian.

Those other Italian Bloggers ain't that bad neitha.

Sweet. I need to buy a scooter.



Anonymous said...

I used to tell this guy at work that my dad's in the mob so he'd stop bothering me. It worked... all he knew is that I'm from Europe and as long as I have an accent and a long name I might as well be Italian and a mob kid, right? I still tell people not to piss me off or else I'll call my uncle Vito every once in a while.

Spicy Little Pi said...

Hey you gotta make the best use of what your family gave ya, if it's a European upbringing and a long last name - use Uncle Vito as much as possible!

RyeGuy said...

did you know that there's also a Mennonite organized crime syndicate (mob family, I guess, but really, we Mennonites are pretty much all related anyway)? Yeah, they run drugs and guns outta Central/South America.

and I just got your email a coupla days ago, so the reply is a little late... :( sry ):

Spicy Little Pi said...

emails get lost between here n there huh? crazy. it's almost a straight friggin line!

sweet. mennonite mob. drugs n guns, you say? looks like you'll be buying lots of ammo and baggies for the family this year :p

RyeGuy said...

it's not that it got lost, it's that I'm pretty hit-and-miss with checking it.