Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Best of The Pi

Well, some of my faves anyway, by month, from the last year. . .

Adventures of a Cubemonkey has been up and running for a year!

amazing. you like me, you really like me! (tear)

December 2005

My First Frenchie A curiousity begins...

January 2006

Grease me up Scotty, I'm going in! I was totally being bitchy/weird.
Scrotum Harness a fascination of mine...
One time at the Bar . . . Infamous nights...

February 2006

Remember Captain Planet?
My Birthday!
RS&H Ctd Infamous nights...

March 2006

Ultimate in Boredom seriously bored.

April 2006

The Odorous Bunch

May 2006

Dating a Metro?
I Blame the Taco Infamous nights...
Yes We're Laughing at You!

June 2006

The Cost of Evil: $3.09 Infamous nights...again!

July 2006

Highway Buddies
We Need to Talk Infamous nights...and again...
Pi's a NERD Part I An epic tale of my nerdery.

August 2006

Pi's a NERD Part II
Pi's a NERD Part III
Time to Whore it up! (My unveiling...I finally decided to put up pictures of myself!)

September 2006

Car Dancer
Bummin Around
Night Rider (my 25peeps debut)

October 2006

I went to Vancouver! Pics pics and more pics here here and here
Jalapeno Canadian I also hold the title of Deputy Spork Minister.

November 2006

Keep your ear to yourself?
I'm out of my mind I Martha'd out.

Holishit this link stuff takes longer than my usual coloring!

I've learned alot in my first year of blogging, like how nerdy I can be and how many others out there can match it!

A special thanks to all that link me and all my faves for keeping me entertained!

I'd like to travel more and visit you! so let me know where i have a free place to stay...

And I WILL go back to Vancouver in the next 6 months...


Moi! said...

yeah blogging is fun, and it is suprising how many different people you meet, and to think without it you probably would never cross paths...that was deep...plus partying with internet people can get crazy!! haha...and you can always say at the parties, I am glad you guys are real and not some creepy dude on his comp...

Spicy Little Pi said...

lol so true, it is a big sigh of relief!

meeting some of the vancouver bloggers was the best thing that has come of this so far!

(well that and the release i originally started writing it for)

when i started i had no idea how much i'd be sucked into the whole 'blogger' thing.

i'm glad i did!