Friday, December 08, 2006

Spicy the Tutor

Back in the College, Spicy was a tutor.

A Calculus Tutor.

A Stat 101 Tutor.

I was the tutor everyone hoped for.

Call it 'Hot for Teacher' syndrome,
alas, it makes it difficult to focus on the subject.

Unfortunately, college students have this knack for putting things off till the last minute.

Till the Do-or-Die minute.

Point of no return minute.

Event Hor..okok you get it.

They Procrastinate like it pays big bucks.

So I generally didn't have any Tutees until mid-semester.

There are a few that stand out in my mind...

There was Mark, the frat boy.

He signed up for one-on-one tutoring for Stat 101.

I think he was a photographer for the school newspaper too...

He was tall, cute, and dumb. Typical Frat Boy.

It was October, and his House puts on a Haunted House for all the kids in the area...

Instead of actually paying attention and using our 1-hour session wisely, he spent it inviting me over to his House and asking me out.

Mark, what's the standard deviation?

Is that a 'yes'?


When he didn't understand a problem he'd sit there and slap his forehead and say 'GOD, Why am I so STUPID?!'

Oh boy.

I also had a group of girls for Stat 101.

Sorority girls.

One of them was Like, OMG, did you SEE what those Hippies were doing on the quad?! UGH, They're SOOOO GROSS!!

::SIGH:: Deep Breath, you can do this, Spicy.

It was a welcome challenge and definitely tried my patience.

They had an exam coming up. Usually I tried to hold an extra session before the test for all of my groups at once...

Mark came to join the sorority girls for a review.

I made them do problems on the board. (Oh yes, I did.)

To show Mark that dimwits like himself could actually LEARN from me, I had Little Miss Bubbly do a problem first.

She did just fine.

Then it was Mark's turn. . .

He botched it up pretty well.

He was really embarrassed.

So I sent one of the hotter girls in the group to help him out

The look on his face. Oh my, Priceless.

Interestingly enough, Mark buckled down and tried harder.

Every now and then, I'd run into people I had tutored at the bar.

Even Little Miss Bubbly.

This is the girl that helped me pass Statistics! Without her, I wouldn't have gotten a B+!

It was especially touching at one in the morning when she could barely pronounce 'statistics.'

And, Strangely Fulfilling.

I'm glad I was able to help a few people.

Be nice to your tutors etc, we'll remember.


Leafs Fan said...

You tutored Calculus?! You must seriously be a genius!!!

RyeGuy said...

if it wasn't for MY calculus tutor, I never would've gotten that 'D', and switched my minor to English.

Spicy Little Pi said...

spicy heart calculus.

after that I pretty much hated math, I didn't learn a damn thing in the last 2 years of college!

but i got my math degree. and my stat degree. and my nerd is exposed once again!

haha rye, sometimes all we need is a little kick in the write direction... haha get it?! i kill me!

RyeGuy said...