Monday, December 18, 2006

Life of the Party

. . . The Office Holiday Party that is!

After a few drinks at the office we all ventured out to Ohana Steakhouse

You were a little fuzzy
(see picture)

You make good stories

The coat thing was hilarious. . .

The coat thing?!

CEO mimicking the Pi: I didn't take your fuckin' coat, it's MY coat, it's a worthington, my mother gave it to me!

haha oh boy, sounds like something I'd say...

And Now: The night as I remember it...

We popped open the booze a little after 4pm at the office.

Yes, I got paid for an hour of drinking.

2 glasses of wonderful Reisling, down the hatch, or was it 3?

Head to Ohana, where my old-as-my-dad co-worker bellies up to the bar and orders a Sake Bomb.

A half glass of beer and a shot of sake are placed in front of him

So what do I do now?

We explained it to him and he chugged er down, without a word of complaint or a funny face.


I get a beer and we congregate in the room with 4 grill that we will be dining in..there was around 30 ppl there

CEO and Admin-Head are chatting away, being the brown-noser that I am, I jump in to the conversation.

Did you see so-and-so do a Sake Bomb? I'm thinking about doing one myself, but I'm not sure I NEED it.

They egg me on.

Time for a disclaimer...OK, just to let you know, I hold back quite a bit at work, if I do this Sake bomb, I can guarantee my Steph is going to hang out.

They order one for me.

Thanks, Management.

Admin-Head even held my beer while I did it. I could see people staring out of the corner of my eye as beer dripped down my chin...


A funny after-taste, but not bad at all.

We're seated and start looking at the menu.

I'm analyzing the Martini section....

French Martini:
Stoli Raz, Chambord, pineapple juice

Sounds good. I order one...

Waiter: Vodka or Gin?

Vodka, ya freak, that's what the menu says.

Is Grey Goose okay? yeah...

What arrives is a clear martini with a lemon and lime slice in it...

And it tastes like rubbing alcohol.

Barely drinkable, even in my state of buzz.

Rather than send it back, Spicy adds ice and a little bit of lime juice, nurses it all during dinner, switches tables for better conversation and then spills it on a co-worker.


But no worries, he was drinking Warm Sake. He likes to share.

Lucky me!Orange Chef

Dinner, oh yeah totally flirted with the chef. So much so that I was getting looks from a couple of divorced prudish coworkers...haha yeah Spicy was totally hanging out.

How Spicy? Hah well I failed to rock the chopsticks and dropped my first bite right on my sweater.

Double Awesome points.

After warm sake I felt the French Martini deserved another chance. I ordered it at the bar.

What I received looked like this and it was delicious:

Even if I couldn't hold it steady and spilled it on no less than 5 people.

Apparently I took a picture with a coworker in the bathroom. haha barely remember doing that.

and no, it's not naughty you pervs.

So we're all happy and taking up what little room there was around the now what?

We head to a bar!!

We're all lit up so it's a Fantastic Idea.

I tag one of my coworkers to drive me, grab a black leather jacket off the coat rack, and off we go!

The bar is literally in the strip mall across the street, so it's a quick drive and I have no idea what was said.

I leave the coat in the car, no biggie.

Someone buys me a drink. Tequila Sunrise, of course.

We're all hanging out by this foozeball table, I think I bumped my elbow on it, cuz I have this pretty serious looking bruise (discovered the next day)

OpsHead accuses me of taking her coat off the rack.

That's when Spicy started swearing and probably gesturing and really slurring words...

Apparently, Very Entertaining.

She's given keys to go out to Driver's car, and guess what, it was her coat.

So Driver, being the good guy that he is, goes back to the restaurant to retrieve my coat, having to explain that he wasn't stealing it, it was left by his drunken co-worker...

After that, I got pretty chummy with another hammered coworker, I kinda remember that.

You two were quite the pair!

haha, great.

After awhile people start to leave.

I always seemed to have a drink in my hand.

Tom gave me a 20 and made me promise I'd use it to grab a cab home and to work the next day.

Then I look around.

It's just me and Hammered.

He's married btw.

Next thing I know, Hammered is laying it on.



He's a little on the strange side. married. he's a bond analyst. blahhhhhh

Then he tried to kiss me.

Ok time to bail. But what to do? Your car is at the office, and you're hammered at a bar.

Call Mr. Squeeze, we were going to hang out anyway...

Mr. Squeeze agrees to come pick me up.

9:50pm. I escape!

Last I saw Hammered he was stumbling after me...

We head back to my apartment, where I decide I need s'more wine.

Mr. Squeeze, being The Nice Guy Award Winner for 10 years straight, even comes back in the morning and drives me to work.

Nice. my coworkers think he's a stud.

Friday at work was rough.

Reallly rough.

Hammered has started sending me emails.

wtf is it with married men and the Pi?

An interesting night...I think we've all bonded, finally.


Christopher said...

I'm quite jealous... I've never had a work party that I've even desired to attend.

Oh, and way to go Mr. Squeeze!! He must really like the Spicy!

Spicy Little Pi said...

The CEO is a mere 41 yrs old, and it's hard to believe! We try to keep things as lite and fun as possible around here :)

Spicy likes Mr. Squeeze, maybe you'll hear about him more often in the future ;)

oh, and way to represent the myspace bloggers!

krisi said...

wow. Way more exciting then my work party. jealous.

RyeGuy said...

I totally envy your party. mine had a bunch of drunken drywallers all over the place.

Spicy Little Pi said...

I bet your party was WAY manlier than mine!

lol a bunch of big hunky drunk guys with hammers...and tool belts...mmmm tool belts...

RyeGuy said...

uh... right... I'm the youngest of the company by an average of (quick calculation...)20 years.

they wear toolbelts to keep their beer-guts from interfering with their work boots.

Leafs Fan said...

I love staff partieis as well...

Spicy Little Pi said...

haha Rye! Thanks for ruining my little fantasy =p

Anonymous said...

All the office parties I've been to have been a total bore... there weren't even guys who "wear toolbelts to keep their beer-guts from interfering with their work boots"... oh, wait, it say booTs... I guess I shouldn't have had that last beer :)).