Friday, March 09, 2007

Call Me

I was working at the bowling alley on Tuesday night and something out of the ordinary happened.

I got a number.

Getting a number isn't out of the ordinary, it's the WAY I got it.

It was given to me.

But not in your usual, chat up the cute waitress and then get out your cell phone and exchange digits kinda way.

It was in the old-school cheesy fashion.

This guy was bowling on lane 2.

He's the only drinker at the table and likes a constant stream of bottles of Bud Light.

Last week he tipped me 1/4 times.

This week he did a little better, though he did stiff me a couple times.

They were all finished bowling and packing up their stuff.

I was wiping down tables.

Have a great night, guys, see ya next week

You too!

I walk back to the bar, which is around lane 22.

Standing in my usual spot when I'm waiting for everyone to get the hell out so I can clean and then leave, I start talking to the new bartender.

The guy from lane 2 walks up to me, I notice him out of the corner of my eye and turn his direction

Hey, I forgot to tip you . . .

He hands me a dollar wrapped around a napkin.

Oh, thanks...

I didn't think much of it


Wait a minute.

I open the napkin:

Call Me

OMG Are you SERIOUS!? People still do that!?

That guy followed you all the way back to the bar
said one of our leaguers...

Gee, that makes me feel even better about not calling him.

I was able to relay this little tale several times during the rest of my shift and everyone thought it was hilarious!

I wonder if he did it as a dare or something.

I told the ladies here at work and they thought it was CUTE.


So next week, when I bring him his bottle of Bud Light, I will not include a napkin.

I'm not going to call him.

That being said, should I act like I just threw the napkin away like 'Why you bringin' me trash?'

Or like it never happened?

Pictures from the Iowa Blizzard last weekend.


Christopher said...

I wish you worked the lanes at my league...

I'm sure I could come up with much cornier methods of giving you my number. In fact, I think that would be an outrageously fun 34 week-long game!! (for me)

Seriously though, league night would be a whole lot better with a Spicy Pi hangin' around.

I say you should blow it off as though nothing happened... until he asks...

then tell him that you think bowlers are losers and you only work there to strip them of their hard earned blue collar cash so that you can buy yourself pretty handbags every week like your idol, Paris Hilton.

I think that would turn him off pretty quickly... at least I hope it would!!

Spicy Little Pi said...

lol what really gets me is I bought a pretty designer handbag for my birthday a few weeks ago...

god if a line like that doesn't turn him off, then we've got serious problems!

so what kind of corny situation could you come up with? Writing it on the bottom of the popcorn basket you just bought me? maybe writing it on the actual dollar bill instead of a napkin?

Bring on the Cheese!

Christopher said...

Hey a few handbags isn't a bad habit... it's merely fashion coordination. A new handbag for each day of the month is an addiction!!

Christopher - 555-ROCK - Call me

...written in ketchup on my empty pizza tray. Now that's classy!

ATL LG said...

christopher got it going I must say.......

First, Give me a fucking break...he tips 1/4 of the time...then he stiffs some more and then bring A Dollar!? A DOLLAR?! Come on Dude! Please!

But you won't have to worry about that cause I've called every area code in your area with that number and finally got him and gave him the what for about hitt'n on my girl and tipping like a 9 year old.

ATL LG said...

Just kidding...but it crossed my evil mind...

Spicy Little Pi said...

LOL oh ATL! You'd scare the life outta him :p

I can't imagine what kind of reaction I'd get from him if he even showed up to bowling next week!

I did see him this past Tuesday and didn't serve him or the tables around him...they prolly wondered wtf was going on!

stupid douche.

haha Christopher, if your cute ass wrote your number in ketchup on a pizza tray, i'd totally call you!