Monday, March 26, 2007

'A quiet night in...'

Caught on the DancefloorYeah right!!

That's what we were trying to kid ourselves into doing...

Take a break from staying out till 5 and up till 8...playing with crayons and glow sticks and candy etc etc...

We'll have a drink at the bowling alley, grab a sixer, a movie, and just chill.

And then Friday night came and we had both changed our minds!

So we got fab and hit the Gay Bar, per the usual.

JMax took this pic of me on the dancefloor . . .

I like it cuz it's different.

(I also don't think I look like myself, but hey, I was messed up...)

As the bar let out, everyone grabbed a handful of condoms and congregated outside.

We were just standing around in the street and I met this gayboy named Will.
Me n Will
OMG, Hi, you're so pretty!! how are you?!

Thank you! I'm good! How are you?!

So we chatted as everyone left...

There was this blazer parked right out front with a group of people around it...

Some fat girl on the phone: I fucking know how to get there! So-and-so is passed out in the fucking front seat and she's the only one that knows how to get there!

We were entertained.

Eventually so-and-so started unloading her party all over the pavement.

So we chatted and tried to figure out what to do for afterhours . . .

Yeah, afterhours, we went from 'no party, just stay in,' to 'messed up and now what at 2.30am'...

As we stood there this guy started driving his Camry back and forth in front of the bar. . .

I think he was shopping.

Omg, that is SO sad.

He seriously did it about 10 times.

So we decided to follow Will to his friend's place to chill.

We drove a total of 3 blocks.
Gay boys!
It was a fancy building with pretty walls...

We walked into the messiest Gay-pad I've ever seen!

You'd think it'd be all neat and tidy and whatnot...

Um, no.

A pizza with an extra pound of sargento on it was consumed and then it was time for some Late-Night Cooking with Gay Boy.

This is an old family recipe. You guys are totally going to like it...I think I'll leave the butter out so isn't as fattening...

I give you: Corn Casserole.

Macaroni, corn, and a BOX of Velveeta.
Tasted better than it looks
Throw in greased baking dish and bake at 400 for 45 minutes.

Unfortunately I only took a 'before' picture.

It tasted pretty good!

While that was in the oven we found out we had mutual acquaintances...

Der. we hang at the gay bar all the time.

We Know People.

And course there was the guy on the instant messenger trying to find some boot-ay.

Which arrived in the form of Robert.slimy balloon

A thin spot on the back of his head, crooked teeth, and slightly more delicate than I would have liked Robert.

We didn't think he was all that cute, but that didn't matter...

Around 5 we decided it was time to go - but first we played with condoms and exchanged phone numbers!

On the way back to my place we started talking about how everyone always grabs the biggest condoms from the bowl . . .
Test 4
I wonder just how big they can accommodate . . .

So JMax made a fist and I put 'er on!

It was pretty gross.

He didn't succeed in stretching it to the breaking point.

He started to lose sensation instead since it was too tight...

Well, now you know you CAN safely fist someone, if the mood arises!


Anonymous said...

Help, the corn in the mac and cheese is making me SICK!!!

Spicy Little Pi said...

hahaha it tasted better than it looked!