Friday, March 16, 2007

That's it. I'm gonna do it.

I'm going to buy my first place!

I've made a decision.

. . .


Now what?!

Waste time at work edumacatin' myself on mortgages, the process, prices in the area, listings in the area . . . .

I'm totally wiped.

Larnin' really takes it outta ya!

I managed to stumble across some bank stuff and got pre-approved over lunch!

My credit is A-ok, and I have lots of debt (aka STUDENT LOANS ARE THE DEVIL), but tell me something I didn't know!

I am excited to set out on this little adventure/life experience.

Which means it's time for Uber-Frugal Mode!

Whoo....yeah, giving up eating out lunch (meaning I pay for it) more than once during the work week and once on the weekend.

Only buy necessary groceries, i.e. milk, bread, etc, basically perishables.

I have tons o food just stocked in the cupboards and it just sits there...what am I saving it for?!

Time to eat it.

Oh baby, I'd love to pre-approve you. . . (dork)

And what to do with the money I'm saving?

Pay off some debt!!


Sadly, this means no traveling for the Pi for awhile =(

I'm not sure how far/crazy I'm going to go with this, I mean I got a $7.99 haircut coupon from Great Clips in the mail yesterday...

Will I use it?!

I haven't paid less than $40 for a haircut in over 8 years!

Fuck. no more frivolous shoe purchases.

This is going to be a challenge-but I'm going to TRY and make a game of it.

The Game of Life!

(haha, ohgodi'madork!)


Leafs Fan said...

Congrats on this huge step.

Spicy Little Pi said...



ATL LG said...

come on in ...the water is fine...but becareful of the DEEP end..if your not careful or don't get a second opinion...

my goal...retired and debt free within 15 is over half paid off...adding additional $$$ every month to priciple...

kids college is the only thing that worries me...and weddigns...YIKES!

Christopher said...

Be careful of predatory lending... rumor has it there has been much more of it lately and it's supposed to continue to rise.

Make sure you get a written statement of how your mortgage payments are expected to increase over time (if not a fixed rate). It's harder for them to jack them up to the moon if they've given you a written expecation.

All in all, just be VERY careful who you borrow the money from, or you run the risk of the payments becoming unaffordable in a few years and you'll lose the house...

...unless you start waiting on my bowling league ;)

Spicy Little Pi said...

aaww thanks for the warning Chris!

I've hooked up with a buyer's agent that sent me on to this great lender, no worries and I will get it all in writing!

I'd wait on your bowling league anyday! ;-)

Chris said...

do you really need to do something so rash as to quit with the shoes? come on!