Friday, March 23, 2007

St. Patty's Shenanigans! Part II

whatWe started a little late on St. Patty's...

I had intentions of going to the parade, which started at noon, and then to the reception to enjoy some food and beer...

But I didn't get out of bed till...??

I can't even remember!

So we chilled for almost the whole day and then got our shit together in the late afternoon.

JMax took off to a benefit p'sgetti dinner...
Manwhore and Some Guy Named Steve were on their way down to meet up with this Chick Manwhore's been trying to party with for months...

Word is they met on the internet.

I get all pretty and wait for everyone to arrive.

I got bored.

So I cracked a bud light tall boy Cousin-C left in my fridge...

Good lord, that shit is AWFUL.

(i'm so spoiled by fancy beer)

They still weren't here at 10, so I cracked the other tall boy...

Finally, The Big Easy, JMAx, Cousin-C and JMax's bro Josh (our DD) arrived with my chariot.

I had my buzz on!

(a little on the low tolerance side lately...)

We met up with Manwhore and Some Guy Named Steve at Limey's Pub.

It wasn't too packed, everyone was wearing green and the atmosphere was more chill than I expected.

Probably cuz they were all out of it from drinking all day!

We find our peeps and the Chick Manwhore wanted to meet up with was completely trashed.

She was leaning on people and damn near passing out in her chair.

The beads she was wearing around her neck has apparently been violated before being given to her...


Well, some guys were talking about how they did things to those beads and then took pictures with Chick while she had the beads in her mouth...

You can only imagine where those beads had been!


Anyway, they had Smithwick's on tap! (silent 'W')

It's an original Irish red ale - hell yeah for St. Pat's!

(And yes, I'm Irish! thanks, mom!)

This beer had been recommended to me by whoever, so I had to try it.

I was not disappointed!

It's fucking tasty-delicious!

They served it slightly warmer and with a bit of head, but that didn't matter...

Ever notice how some beers taste better when a little warmer? (Like Henieken!)

So I drank a bunch of that, there were 'Irish bombs' which we've always called 'Car Bombs' and course jager bombs...

Guess what?!

We called Josh!!

Since we had 2 Josh's, we decided to distinguish them calling brother Josh 'Cool Josh' and bowling alley Josh, 'Geek Josh'

We're so nice.

Geek Josh showed up with some married couple, I guess they're friends...

We made him drink one beer and then we had to leave since Cousin-C saw a guy that he once fought and there was gonna be drama...
drunk time
Herding drunks is really difficult!

Finally we left and I'm not sure who decided but we went to this shit-hole called GT's

There was a case of beer in the car too, and I can't remember when that was purchased...

GT's was dark as hell, which makes me worry about what it looks like during the day...

I met some lady in line for the pisser and she was pretty cool.

Some bitch was taking she pounded on the door...

There was some dude in there, but he already left, she must be picking up...freaky chick


I ended up standing by the bar with a Henie talking to. . . .??

I don't even remember. Some guy I think...

JMax found this Freaky Chick that he thought was hot, and took a picture with her.

I don't remember her either... (haha how many times do i say 'i don't remember!?)

The Big Easy in all his infinite drunken wisdom decided to pull her hair and demand she make out with tramp stamp

She promptly left.

JMax took a great pic of my Tramp Stamp:

Closing time came and then we went to the after-hours bar.

I was so gone at this point that I don't remember the ride over, but Cousin-C dragged me in, paid for me, sat me down with the case and went to round up everyone else.

It was little-mexico and Ho-central once again...too bad we lost Geek Josh, the chances of getting him laid totally went up...

But he had disappeared.

lets rehydrate
Oh well.

We danced at the table and drank more beer we didn't need...

Manwhore took it upon himself to give me constant lap dances. . .

Someone gave me a bottle of water...

At some point I thought Some Guy Named Steve was hot and started making out with him.

I was all gropey and started licking my friends.

I might have left scratch marks on him and Manwhore...

I'm so NICE!!

some guy
Looking at the pictures the next day, I didn't remember most of them!

When I saw Some Guy Named Steve I thought,
'There's no way he's straight!'

Whatever, it was fun at the time!

I think we stayed out till 5am again, but I couldn't focus enough to actually see what going on or what time it was.

Mission Accomplished!!


Christopher said...

An adventure that needs two parts to tell... now that's how St. Patty's is supposed to be rocked.

I had the lamest SPD ever... but at least I did get to drink a green beer while snowboarding in Tahoe.

I'm glad to hear that you're a spoiled beer drinker... I am as well... that really must say something for Grain Belt, huh?

Spicy Little Pi said...

Snowboarding in Tahoe isn't something to sneeze at! pfft!

haha spoiled beer drinker, ok this is how I roll, if it's domestic it has to be crappy beer, i.e. grain belt, pbr, schlitz, OR a micro brew and/or Wheat beer.

Otherwise it's german/irish beer all the way!!

Leafs Fan said...

Well delay makes the reader more eager to read the details.