Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Booty Bashing

Pi went out on a 'date' last night and totally get her ass handed to her.

The plan was Pizza, Beer, Bowling!

Pretty awesome, right?!

I haven't bowled in oh...7 or 8 months or something around there...

Surely I'm not that rusty!

Haha, right.

Or was it the 'Rust Lube' that helped out?

It had to be the beers.


I never bowl with a couple of beers in me.

I bowl and then get a couple in me....

But I don't show up buzzed and then try throwing a 13 pound ball 60 feet

No, not ever.

How else can 13 Gutter Balls IN A ROW be explained?!

The people working the counter even put up the bumpers.

I was not amused. (ilieitotallywas)

Before any of this happened a deal was made:

The Loser gets a Paris Hilton MySpace Makeover

Yep, that's right.

I'm all decked out in pink and have one of her videos...

I'd also like to think that I somehow helped get her dumb-ass released from prison.

That's hot. You're hot. I'm hot.

I'm totally stealing this:

28 Days in Paris: Day 1

So how bad was it, you ask...

Well, um.. I think a 53, 97, and then 146.

I'm going to bowl every week now.

Regardless of all that, it was a great time : )


Leafs Fan said...

Oh la date date.

Spicy Little Pi said...

And the aftermath is this:

I'm having trouble using my stapler.

My forearm hurts that much!

ATLLG said...

and so did you give it up, Paris?

Spicy Little Pi said...


Paris always gives it up!