Thursday, June 14, 2007

We Need to Talk Part II

Dear Bowling,

I realize we haven't been spending much time together, and I'm sorry, but that's still no excuse for treating me the way you have on the few occasions we have gotten together.

I know I ignored you for months on end, more interested in other bowlers' drink needs, but that's over for a little while. I didn't mean for us to grow so far apart, and I'm sorry I let it happen.

We both love and hate each other, and we go back and forth on this every year, but we're together forever. That's the promise we made when you helped me break in my first ball, my first wrist guard, and the first tournament in Wisconsin...

We've had some really great times together. Remember that tournament in Missouri when
you face planted that Kansas bowler and her ball fell on her hand? You really scared me into respecting you with that move. We always had the best times in Osh Kosh and Mankato...

It'd be great to go back to those times, but we can't ignore what's happened to us in the last 2 years.

Please, baby, let's try and piece things together, we can work this out.

We'll never break up.


Just like me and tequila.

You need to accept that and start treating me better.


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