Friday, June 22, 2007

Thrill of The Hunt

So there's that saying 'The thrill of the chase'

Lots of chicks like being pursued, chased.

Well, I enjoy the hunt.

I'm very rarely 'chased'

Well, I am.

Just not by people I WANT chasing me!

So I have to go out and do the hunting.

A game I haven't been participating in lately cuz I been feeling lazy

Back in the day it was easy.

Well, it still is.

Men are whores.

But the problem is, IT'S TOO EASY.

Geez, can't you put up a fight.

Make me wait for some hard to get

But what if I do that all wrong or for too long and you lose interest?

Then you fucked it up!

Actually, that's a valid concern.

If you're going to challenge her, then make sure you drop a line every now and then...

To let her know you're still down with her shit...

ALSO - don't get pissed if you see/hear about her making out with other dudes!

You didn't claim her.

You haven't 'staked the territory' as it was...

Signed a 'we're exclusive' agreement...

So chill the fuck out.

Whoo, it's the dating game.

Sure, try and tell yourself it isn't A GAME

But if you aren't out there looking for 'the one' and are just out for fun...

Then it's totally a game.



Food Porn Rocks.

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