Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This Just In: My Ass is Tasty

Body shot time!A drunken night out in a mini skirt and tons of raunchy fun has got to prove something

Well, it did.

As well as the mostly-nude hot tubbing at 3am the following night...

My Ass is Tasty.

Juicy, in fact.

So much so, that it was FEASTED UPON by mosquitoes.

Not just once, oh no...


yes, 6.

my tummy too

I was too hung over Sunday to notice and too busy yesterday to care...

And then came this morning...


Not pleased.

Can't they munch on other peoples' tasty parts?

Maybe they were in the mood for Mexican...wanted to spice it up a bit...


The concert last night was a blast!

John Mayer Acoustic

Ben Folds is hilarious....

And John Mayer is racist!

After a quick look around this is one of the better looking crowds I've seen...

::Crowd cheers::

Nice skin tone.

I about died!

I not sure how he meant that...but Iowa is most definitely WHITE

Maybe he was admiring our tans...or sunburns as the case may be...

He started with two of his most popular songs...maybe to get it out of the way

The blues and acoustic were awesome...

That is one sexy guitar.

The lights blew me away, it was pleasant and happy the whole time:

John Mayer

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Leafs Fan said...

Find us workaholics an eternal stud muffin in your travels.