Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Best Christmas Card EVER

This is the card I received for Christmas from my dear was stuffed with Cold Hard Cash.

He's quite creative...

In case you can't read it, the cover says:

"A luminous light remains where a beautiful soul has passed."

-Antoine Boveua

The inside reads:

"May the love of family and friends bring comfort, (and may time bring you solace.)" this holiday. Merry Christmas

Way to go, Jere.

He gave my mother a modified birthday card. The picture on the front was of three old wrinkly ladies in one-piece bathing suits standing around a surfboard.

The inside read: Bikinis may get old, (but sexy is forever.) Merry Christmas! Love, Jeremy.

Again, my brother rocks!

Every Christmas I receive at least one Hokey-Ass Gift. This year it was from my dear and challenged step-sister; she gave me the Homedics Envirascape Glistening Steps Fountain...guaranteed to:

'Enhance the environment at home or work,' and 'Improve Concentration: Masks distractions so you can stay focused.'

Yeah, focused on my various time-wasters, like this damn my cube here at the office is full of peace and serenity...(and splashing water near an exposed outlet...)

Amazingly everyone has come by to stare at it like it's the most breathtaking thing they've ever seen! We really are in Hell with Flourescent Lighting if that thing is awe-inspiring...

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Matt S. said...

I love the card, I tend to buy my friends crazy cards all the time. If it is their 25th b-day then I will just buy a 5th b-day card and draw in the 2. I find cards that are not quite right for the occasion provide hours of entertainment.