Friday, December 16, 2005

She Gets a Little Crazy Sometimes...

I have two groups of friends, The JJ Crowd, and The Group.

I have finally decided to try to mesh them a little, after all, they have things in common...

Take beer, rum, and shots for instance.

So there we were at the bar, all sitting at a table. And then it came up, those words that conjur up wild stories and crazy hijinks, "I remember the first time I hung out with Steph."

Oh boy. Here we go...

"She totally molested me!" "I know! Me too!" (heard this last part 3 times...)

"She grabbed my crotch!" "Oh my God! Mine too!" (see above)

Me: "Did I really?!"

Jenny: "Yes, you totally did! And you're still doing it, your hand is on my leg!"

Me: "So it is..."

At least I treat them all the same. So maybe I get Happy Hands after drinking alot of *Tequila* a fact they are all well aware of, now, anyway!

And despite that, they're all still my friends! It just wouldn't be right if they all didn't have a picture with me grabbing their boobs, or mine, or both! I personally think it's a perk.

The guys at the table just sat there and laughed, enjoying the show. Way to go guys!

We were planning to go to a strip club the next night. Then one of my most famous stories came up:The Porn Star Story.

A few of them had heard it, several times. Some hadn't heard it at all.

I need to dig up a picture beforeI post that one...Cheers!

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