Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jail Time, Anyone?

I have a friend whose roommate has recently gone down the tubes. Let's call the roommate Trashy.

Trashy is now dating the ugliest, most disgusting piece of shit you've ever seen. In fact, let's call him Scum.

Scum looks like the kinda guy that is into drugs. What kind? Who cares, but I'm sure it's more than just a little weed.

Anyway, Trashy is pretty broke, has stopped paying attention to her personal hygiene, and is generally a piece of crap. She works at a restaurant and is as greasy as the food she serves.

Scum mooches off of Trashy. He stays at their place all the time. He uses her cell phone. She drives him around.

Prior to Scum, Trashy was a pretty fun chick. My friend said she used to have confidence in herself and was social.

The first time I met Trashy, she was disheveled, quiet, and wouldn't even look me in the eye. Scum didn't even say 'hi,' which was fine by me.(though I've been told that I'm quite intimidating, even scary to new people, but not in the 'bad' way, more of a 'I demand respect and you will listen to what I have to say' kinda way)

Trashy recently took a week off of work to drive to California to pick up 'some guy' for $500.

Does this sound suspicious to you?

Can you think of a situation that would involve driving from Iowa to California for $500 to pick up 'some guy' that DOESN'T have to do with drug trafficking?

It's a stretch. I asked if Scum had anything to do with it...apparently he has EVERYTHING to do with it...Another One Bites the Dust.

My friend is extremely uncomfortable with the situation. So she's moving out. She doesn't think she can find anyone to live with Trashy (Scum pays $50/mo for a room at his Grandma's...why pay more when you can mooch?)so she's going to use some loan $$ to pay off her lease and move.

Talk about Shitty.

But it's better than trying to get authorities involved (i.e. life threatening) and all that happy crap.

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