Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You're Welcome, World!

Random Sayings & Happenings: The Holiday Edition

My SO, who is currently on probation with me, received some of the oddest (read:crappy)Christmas gifts from his mother that I've ever seen!

His haul:

1. A hand towel embroidered with a company logo (a company his dad has a contract with, hmmm wonder how much THAT one cost...)

2. Stationary. He has the worst handwriting I've ever seen, and more importantly, HE DOESN'T WRITE LETTERS!

3. An ornament. An ugly one at that.

Wow. Merry Christmas, but it's the thought that counts, right? (A fucking HAND TOWEL! that just amazes me!)

Speaking of the odd and ugly here's this:

It's Santa Claw. (haHA I think I just wet my pants!)

The New Year Celebration went pretty well, we got all fancied up - in fact we discovered that we are all narcissists. I even brought my own mirror.
Line of the night: You're Welcome, World!

We started the night at an art gallery where chicks were walking around in heels, thongs, nipple tassles, and paint! There was a Fetish Theme to the whole thing...

Interesting crowd. We hit a few bars, did some shots...

The End of the Night:Let's just say we were so drunk that as soon as we entered the side door at the hotel our brains checked out.


I don't even remember walking through the lobby.

Next thing I know, it's 8am, and I'm in bed, fully clothed (bummer). I was awake for 5 minutes. Just long enough to undress, peel out my contacts, use the bathroom (the floor was wet, wtf?) and close the curtains...

My SO woke up at 6am naked in the bathtub! There was spew in the toilet. He has no recollection of getting naked (he even neatly folded his clothes!), or filling the bathtub. (thank god he didn't drown)

Success! Happy New Year!

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