Monday, July 17, 2006

Pi's a Nerd, Part I

We're walking through a hallway, with a crowd of people, I'm not sure where we're going.

There are dolls? robots? something like that, twins, I think their names were Joey and Tommy.

An alarm goes off, red lights flashing, TOMMY'S BAD TOMMY'S BAD repeating over and over.

Everyone panics and runs. The girl I am with ends up in a room about 20 feet in front of me. I'm stuck next to a half-wall.

There's a group of girls, wearing black, learning a dance routine. I know they're evil and I should avoid being seen by them.

I manage to get to the room where my friend is. It's a bathroom. Concrete floors and blue stalls.

There is an evil dancer in there. We fight.

Her head hits the floor over and over, yet she's still conscious. No blood. Finally she drifts off.

We hear the 'dance practice' break up. Time to go back to the dorms.

We get to our room. The door across the hall is closed.

I know, somehow, that our Floor Advisor has someone over.

The door opens. She's standing in front of the mirror, doing her makeup. A man is lying in her bed smoking.

Another is walking out the door. Sees me. Stops.

He looks familiar, though I can't place him.

He smiles. 'Hi, here's my card.'

I take it, look down at it...

It is gold. With a repeating decal pattern over it. The name at the top: CHAD CIAVARRO (complete with IP address, email address, and his url...)

'Chad Ciavarro?!'


I read your blog, you fucker! (at this point I'm thinking our floor advisor had been Eiffel Towered) I'm Spicy Little Pi.

No shit? Cool, so how often do you girls come here?

Every Tuesday.

Well, then I'll see ya next Tuesday.

This chick and I leave, we have to catch a bus to the train stationand then to the airport. Though I don't remember taking a plane to get here.

'We didn't take a plane to get here. We won't fly out until tomorrow.'

Why's that?

Well we were here longer than 100 hours so we have to stick around a little longer.

That doesn't make any sense. Wait, where are we?!


. . .

Pi wakes up. WTF.

The alarm is going off, 5:34am. SNOOZE.

. . .

10 minutes later: Blah Blah Blah 98 degrees today, heat index around 107, it's 79 degrees right now...a song comes one....'I think I'm CRAAAZZZY...'

Then my cat drooled on me. Time to get up.

Pi has never met Chad.

Nor has she been to Canada.

The only things she knows about Canada come from all the Crazy Canadian Blogs she reads.

Last night I watched that Global Warming bit on Discovery. Then I zoned out to Tsunami: Wave of Disaster.

Apparently information on how we're killing the earth and then footage on a major natural disaster that killed over 200,000 people makes me think of Ciavarro. (aww, how sweet)

Pretty Fucked Up way to start the day.


Ciavarro said...


I sounded smooth...

Spicy Little Pi said...

The card was pretty impressive....

Gold...and SHINY...

(ooooo SHINY...)

scribe called steff said...

Canada rocks. Wicked cool country. You're missing out.

You must do acid before posting. I have no idea how you have the patience to do such colouring of fonts. Oy. Holu fucking ADD, Batman. ;)

Hope you're having a wicked weekend.