Monday, July 10, 2006

Ye Olde Sammich Shoppe: Bitchin' Out

At every job, there are things that must be done correctly.

Sometimes these things are simple.

They may even be easy.

So simple & easy that they're often over looked.

Pi says, "It's so goddamn easy to do it right, so just fucking do it." (I'm so eloquent)

Which brings us to, The Mayo Scoop.

The Mayo Scoop is the ultimate symbol of the Franchise.

One scoop per sandwich, everywhere you go. Always the same amount of mayo. Always the same sammich.

Epitome of Franchise.

When someone doesn't use the Mayo Scoop, Pi is annoyed.

Saturday's transpirings:

WG: Why are you taking over my spot?

Pi: Cuz you're slow, you don't use the Mayo Scoop, and you make sloppy sandwiches.

Well, I make prettier sandwiches than most everyone here!

True, but you don't use the Mayo Scoop. And you're slow. I don't understand how you're slow if you don't use the Mayo Scoop! (the mayo scoop sucks, it really does and i'd love to shove it up jimmy's ass)

Fine! Then I won't make any sandwiches today!

Oh ok, then you can slice (meat) for the rest of the day. Oh wait! You're slow at that too!

What is this, 'Rip on WG day?!'

And don't even get me started on the paperwork!

Big O: Dude, you ARE slow at the paperwork.

WG walks toward the bathrooms/back of the store...

He's gone for awhile. We get a little rush, we make do without him...

Crew:Where's WG?

I dunno, prolly in the bathroom crying.

Big O: Srsly, he probably is!

WG walks back in, grabs his keys and his jug 'o water, and walks out the front door.


Joe, a delivery guy: I came back and WG was out back, looking like he was gonna cry, he asked to borrow my phone so he could call his wife and have her come pick him up:

Dude, why you calling your wife.

I'm going home, they were making fun of me.

Are you serious, why are you being a little girl about it?!

WG became angrier...

At the Sammich Shoppe, we give each other shit. We do it all the time. I've worked at 5 different locations in 2 states, and it's the same at every store. (how's THAT for franchise, bitches?!)

Everyone's been pretty good at handling it - as well as dishing it out.

WG is sensitive. He doesn't handle the shit well. (I didn't know that beforehand)

He spewed some shit story to the people that weren't there about how him and Big O were having an argument and he walked out because he thought he was going to lose it and hit Big O.
(Big O prolly has a hundred pounds on WG, when he puts his Game Face on, he looks like he could kill little kids holding puppies)

A chick gave you a little shit, you almost cried, called your wife for a ride home, walked out, risked losing a 40k/yr job, and then lied about what happened?!

Awww, look:

He's just a Wittle Girrl.

What happened to confronting people and telling them what you really think? If you have a problem, why not just say so?


Deadpool said...

Yes we should be so honest with people and screw them for not taking it to heart for the greater good!

Spicy Little Pi said...

it's the american way.

cyn said...

fuck you... 40k a year for making fuckin sammiches? in what alternate reality is this?