Thursday, July 13, 2006

RS&H: Send-Off Party

One of our Ye Olde Sammich Shoppe Employees is going away tomorrow.



We only hire the highest quality.

At the other workplace, this infernal cube-farm, Pi's co-workers have been asking about her 'love life.'

'I'm dating.'

Oh really?! Have you had any lately?? (Drool)

Yeah, a few, would you like to hear about them?

Oh YES, DO Share!

Since pretty much everyone in the office is married with children they are Fascinated with me.

Single, attractive, 24?! The way they act, it seems none of them were ever 'Single, Attractive, and 24' so they poke and prod me like the test-monkey.

They even remember when I have dates. (even after a weekend) They ask about them, they even know the guys' names.

They remember more about it than my friends do. (gee, thanks guys)


'Cause there isn't anything as interesting going on in their 'blissful married lives.'

Such a shame. Is that was happens when you get older?

They also like to hear about nights out.

Oh did you go out last night? Really? Where did you go?

I tell them the story, they weigh in on if I should see him again, and then this look comes across their face. . .

I remember when. . .

(sigh) oh boy, here comes the nostalgic stories...

An exciting weekend for some of them is being able to sneek away from a children's birthday party to run down the street and have a beer with other parents.

'A.' As in singular. As in AN Beer.

That shall never happen to me.

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