Monday, October 23, 2006

At the Gay Bay, Gay Bar, Gay Bar!

Friday night, after slaving over a tray full of beer, serving drunk bowlers, my shift was finally up.

There was an extra beer on the bar. Allllll MINE.

Then Black Light bowling begins...lights down, black lights up, music on...and what comes on..

That HOTT New Justin Timberlake Song!!


It made me want to go to the Gay Bar.

Supa-FabLookin FabSo I made a phone call and all was set.

If you're a straight/bi female, you must look fabulous if you're going to a Gay Bar.

Otherwise you're just an ugly Lesbo.

Off to my apt to get FABULOUS.

I met one of my best friends there.

He is half black, half white, Jewish, bisexual, polyamorous, and knows everyone!

He is the Ultimate Minority (UM)

We took in the Drag Show with couple No 1 . . . and then didn't see them till the end of the night

There were drag queens running around...I HAD to have a picture!

Spicy Queen UM
I didn't even get 'her' name, but she looked FAB.

There was a stripper working that night, 'Jimmy' and he was walking the crowd between shows...

He saw me, stopped and came over to say 'hi'

I told UM Jimmy's SO not gay.

Turns out I was right, he was a Fake Fag. So I made sure to spank him as he wandered around in nothing but shoes and his jock strap...

He was embarassed!couple No 1

Lots of drinking, dancing, and gropings later, it was time to go...

Enter couple No 1.

We're having afterhours and you're invited!

Awesome. story is glasses man is rich. I was like, pshaw, whateva....::hand flourish::

So we went to check it out. The place didn't look like much from the outside...

But inside, WOW.

There were 3 or 4 bedrooms, a finished basement with a full bar, wine cellar, pool, hot tub, Delish!

After some drinks and establishing who was with whom and what everyone had done with each other, we decided it was Hot Tub Time.

Note: Spicy was the only Vag there.

Out come swimming trunks for all the guys that what rich people do, they collect swimming trunks for instant hot tub fun?

Course, there weren't any bathing suits in there for me...sooo....

Well I have this really nice robe from the Ritz Carlton, you could wear that out to the hot tub...but um....yeah...

Skinny Dipping Time!

Ritz Carlton Robe
Gay Men are just as fascinated with boobies as straight men are, if not more.

They NEVER get to play with them.

After awhile, almost everyone was running around naked and drunk...

I hung out in the robe all night, it was comfy

Finally, everyone was kicked out around 5am...

I dropped UM and Travis off at their car...

They slept there in the parking lot, and drove home around 8am.

Crazy fags.

I love em.


Leafs Fan said...

Haha, awesome!

Tayster said...

While I'm sure gay men like boobs, I don't know if they are as fascinated with them as I am.

For instance, would a gay man stare at the picture of you in the robe in hopes that maybe a nipple would make an appearance.

I swear I stared at it for at least a minute before I realized that it wasn't going to happen.

ATL LG said...

Have actually done the gay bar thing....then figured...what the hell already got the drink in my hand...but after about the 10 pickup attempt the "introduction" was done... time to go.

Spicy Little Pi said...

lol tayster! no nipple, this time ;)

ATL, at least you had the balls to go in time bring a lady to hang all over you!

or you could be the next featured stripper...

Tayster said...

lol tayster! no nipple, this time ;)

Which is why I check back every day. One day I will get lucky. :)