Wednesday, October 11, 2006

City Girl Strikes Again!

I was eating Thai food the other night, a very delicious dish, and it included Baby Corn.

I've always LOVED Baby Corn.

Opie, my dinner companion, started talking about how his dad claimed that Baby Corn from field corn was just as good as sweet corn baby corn.

So we went out into the field and he pulled some off a field corn plant, scraped some off, took a bite, gave me some, and you know what, it was good!

. . .

::Deer in Headlights Look:: What?

Yeah so...BAHAHAHAHa You didn't know that did you?!

Wait, WHAT?!

Baby Corn is just that, young corn.

Pulled from the stalk early.

Separated from it's little incubator husk, all young and supple.

Pi had no idea.

Seriously I thought it was another plant altogether!

That they were already full-grown...

Now I know.

And so do you.

(you're welcome)

Pi's going to Vancouver tomorrow!!

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