Thursday, October 05, 2006

You remember those Sally Struthers train wreck commercials where she's the Fat American holding onto poor dark skinned children, begging for you to send them $$...

I sure do, and we all made fun of it...

Last week, I was watching the Colbert Report when a commercial for the Christian Children's League came on...

And with only pennies a day you too could help children like Raquel:
And Lucian:

And Laura:

These children need to see a doctor. . .


Where's Johnny and Timmy?

Can you call and request-a-kid?

Uh.. yeah, could you give me the whitest kid you have to sponsor? Can I get one with blue eyes?

She seemed so out of place in the commercial...
which one of the camera guys let their kid run around?

. . .

Yesterday as I was wandering around the office I noticed a couple of older gentleman that obviously were there for a meeting.

Course, they're old and stubborn and couldn't go to the receptionist's desk and have her annouce that they were here.

They wandered around to the room where they usually have their meeting...

Pi: Can I help you two?

We're here for a meeting, I think it's usually in this room ::points::

Who do you have a meeting with?


OK, I'll let him know you're here, can I get you something to drink?


Whoa. I just experienced a collision of my 1st and 3rd job.

I must've looked a little stunned in my realization
cuz the guy looked at me like, 'what's your problem?' as he said, 'No thanks, I don't care for anything right now'

I wandered off in a daze and let the other meeting attendees know...

Scotty, beam me up.

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit...classic mix up!

I remember asking: do you want frieds with that? at Safeway.

Another time: would you like a hand out? at Wendy's...I was still in high school at the time, sue me for working fast food!