Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Best Trip Ever!

Since there are already tons of pictures from this weekend from Smelly, Patz, and Ciavarro, here are some more!

chad & sis
Chad and his sister!

Sexy Bitches
Two Blues and A Brown

These two were constantly rockin out!

Tongue It
Nice Tongue!

Some Beers at the Blarney Stone!

Spicy n Smelly
We are sexy bitches.

Nice Shirt!
Bloggers being bloggers...

I really like boobies.

Chad & Neil
Partners in Crime.

We be Drinkin at the Blarney

So Intimidating
He's so Jolly

Ice Ice Baby
Tossed Salad busted out their rendition of Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby...

Smelly on the drums, Ciavarro on the beat box, and Patz on the white boy head bobbin, it was fucking awesome...

90s Music Rocks
'Oh shit, we're getting looks...'

I bite my lip cuz it's HOT
He's not even drunk yet!

Truffles are Manly
He drank 2 beers, raved about braised pears, and then got a hard on for Truffles. Patz MAN.

ALllllll MAN.

Look, no hands!
And this pic proves it!

Too Cool
Looking out into the great yonder


Gastown from Chill Winston

Chill Winston
I can see myself hanging out here.

Beers and The Believer
Beer in a Glass is fucking classy.

Doolins Irish Pub
Round 1!

Look Pretty!


Classic Ciavarro.

Smell my finger
Smell my finger!

He wants it
He wants it.

Table Dancing at The Royal

Doolins in Sepia

Ciavarro and Spicy

Spicy and Patz

His team's losing...

All these pics and more are in my flickr!

Spicy in Vancouver! I had a fabulous time in Vancouver, and I'm definitely going back! Thanks to Smelly Danielly, Patz, and esp Ciavarro for putting me up and showing me a great time =D

Who knows, maybe i'll move there.

I'm thinking about it.


Smelly Danielly said...

YAYA im glad you had so much fun!!

Spicy Little Pi said...

thanks to you guys :)

Ciavarro said...

I'm hott.