Friday, October 20, 2006

I must be a TROLL

The President of the Company I work for sent me and 2 other singles in the office this:

Smoke and Fire

2006 Firemen's Auction

2nd Annual Young Variety Firemen's Auction

Thursday October 19th - doors open at 7PM

Young Variety presents the 2nd annual Firemen’s auction at Aura on October 19th Doors open @ 7PM, auction starts around 9PM. We're shaking this up this year! In addition to putting to Greater Des Moines finest firemen on the auction block, we’ll have the area’s finest female bartenders and waitresses on stage for bid. $5 at the door, and Aura is matching the take at the door, dollar for dollar! Drink specials that night include: $1.50 domestic beers, $2 imports, $2 u-call it and captains Where: Aura
2700 University Ave

West Des Moines, IA 50266 In case you are still reading and are confused about this event... we have a handful of fireman that we'll put on stage, one at a time. The highest bidder "wins" the fireman for a date. Same goes for each of our fine bartenders and cocktail waitresses. Each winning bidder walks away with a gift certificate for $50 at a local Des Moines restaurant in case you can't think of where to take your newfound love.

Apparently I'm so FUG I can't go out and find my own date.

I have to pay for one!

Gee, thanks.

Way to promote 'risky behavior'...

While I'm at it, maybe I'll stand on the corner and hitch up my skirt

jerk. and you prolly thought you were 'helping' or 'looking out for your co-workers'


JaG said...

And who gets the money?? I mean, it would be OK if it was for charity. Or not really OK, but at least better.

Leafs Fan said...

Well, if it's a worthwhile charity...

Spicy Little Pi said...

it was for a children's charity...maybe next time...