Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mother Nature is a Tease

In my mind October has alwasy been cooler and rainy.

The leaves turn.

It gets a little gloomier.

Those windbreakers and light jackets start coming out.

Sandals go away.

Halloween was always rainy.

This year, the weather has been a little fucked up.

In Iowa it appears to be the norm.

It was cover your balls cold out about a month ago.

Then it was perfect.

70s, sunny, Gorgeous.

And for about a week, it was normal.

Mother Nature hiked up her skirt to tease us with one last taste of summer...

Oct 1-3, 2006: 80s and humid.

Oct 4: Overcast, high of 65 and chance of rain.

You bitch!

The sleepy-type weather is moving least the view is pleasant.

Until the trees get naked.

Harvest is coming up and make sure you watch for deer.

This is when I notice the most difference between Chicago and Iowa.

The sun is setting earlier.

Now I wish I didn't have a stupid window in my cubicle.

might have to ignore that last post, i was crabby. i need this stupid blog. it's my escape from work. while i'm chained here to my desk it is my wandering thoughts, it keeps me sane etcetc....i heart u, blog.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Mamma Pi! She's 48 :)

(yeah, i know it's blurry...)


Mike said...

pssh, rain on halloween??

how lucky, it's usually snowing or below freezing!!

Spicy Little Pi said...

leaf stained sidewalks and rainy...going door to door...

snowing!? how the hell do you trick or treat?