Monday, October 02, 2006


Pi didn't grow up with guns.

No, I didn't live in the Ghetto part of Chicago and no we didn't carry 'gats' while we were riding our bikes in the neighborhood.

I didn't see a gun up close and personal as in I knew the owner until I was 19 or 20...

My first college bf was a small town iowa boy.

They hunt.

With guns.

Wait, you have guns?!


Like HERE, or at your parents' place?


Where do you keep the gun you have here?

Under the bed.

I was disturbed.

Guns kinda scare me.

So he took me shooting.

No biggie, just a little .22 rifle. Reminded me of my brother's bb gun.

Still scared the crap outta me when I fired it.

Saturday, I had a chance to go shooting again.

So I went.

The shooting range was named after a guy named Butch.

I could feel the testosterone pouring out of that place...

I was a little squeamish when we got there and my buddies pulled out their rifles. . .

These were BIG.

There were lots of people firing lots of guns...

Some of them were LOUD. Made me jump. (and feel like a wimp)

The Big O brought his Winchester Model 70.

Naked Hummus had a similar sized rifle.

7mm WSM rounds.

Ear plugs. Check. Safety Glasses. Check.

So I sit down, check out the rifle.

It's heavy.

Bolt action reloader thingy.

Sweet. Just like all those movies when you see a sniper pull on something and a shell pops out...

I used a shoulder pad. (I'm a Delicate Flower.)

Tuck it in...Lean into it...

Check out the sight. A target 100 yards away.

Finger on the trigger. (squeeze it gently squeeze it gently squeeze it gently)


Recoil Eyes shut Shake it off



I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

After firing 4 rounds, we checked the target. OK, a little NW of where I was aiming.

Do it again, adjusting for the wander.

Spot on. I rock.

Time to try NH's rifle.

This one is different. You can feel the heat of the barrel through the grip.

First shot is good.

The second two....notsomuch.

My shoulder started to spaz out. Couldn't hold the gun steady.

It still hurts today.
But no bruise.

Maybe I'll take up guns.

Would you sell one to this face?

(so sowwy for the delay, who woulda thought the end of a quarter,the last week of two companies, and the first day of a new one would be so goddamn busy.)


Spicy Little Pi said...

figures it was the one time I didn't have my camera on I had to get a crappy cell phone picture...

Anonymous said...

Pictures work! I'm a wuss with guns, but those are some tough pics.

PatZ said...

guns dont kill people. Charlton Heston kills people.

Spicy Little Pi said...

sure does, i hate that ugly bastard