Friday, August 25, 2006


We all have our little anal habits...

I, for example, like post-it notes.

They're all over my cubicle.

I think I label everything to make it look like I'm actually busy...

Or this office job has caused me to lose my mind and I can't remember a damn thing anymore!

(getting older)

The stickies make me feel like I'm organized.

But, as usual, there's ALWAYS someone in the office with

He Pledges his desk once a week.

And at the end of EVERY DAY, he straightens it up.

Here in Cubicle Hell one of our Equity Analysts is the

Behold, the daily flexing:

You know That Guy.

He's in his 30s, single, quiet, NERDY

Works weekends.


When he parks next to you in the lot you can't help but stare thru his window.

It's perfectly clean. Like new.

He isn't management either. (cuz they HAVE to have perfectly clean vehicles)

Pi, on the other hand, well I exhibit a bit of anality.

Nerds can't help it.

But, as you can see, I'm more half n half.

The messy part of my cube even oozes into the 'hallway''s a funny wall of sorts.

People even come by to see if I've posted anything new.

Kinda like this thing.


If any of you would like to chat with Pi, add MexicanHeatwave to your Gmail contacts, I'm also on msn, but only at night.

Well, the nights I stay in. Maybe.


corrupted_hockey_fan said...


ATL LG said...

Real Windows! Real Sunlight! OMG!

Spicy Little Pi said...

my windows are precious to me and i know they're (probably) going away soon :(


if i don't leave the blinds up like that, i'm completely blinded by the natural light when i go out for lunch...