Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pi's a Nerd, Part II

Growing up, Pi has always been a Nerd.

She may not have always looked like a Nerd.

Though that stands to argue after looking at this picture of me from 8th grade.

(Oh yeah, that's a neon pink fanny pack.)

But it's there, lurking in the background.

Every now and then, Pi's Nerd flops out.

Like when she talks about blogging to non-bloggers.


It is.

Pi's nerdom began a long time ago (ok not that long), in a place not too far away from here: Chicago.

Look at the sweet innocent Pre-College Catholic SchoolGirl Pi. (I think that's 7th grade...)

Holy Awkward, Batman.

Always one of the 'Smart Kids' in Catholic School. The ones that took the longest on tests and won the Mythology Bees. . .

But that wasn't enough for Pi, oh no, not even close.

She had to take it one step further.

My name is Spi Pi, and I went to Space Camp. (you know you're jealous!)

Most kids just SAID they wanted to be an astronaut. But I REALLY wanted to be one.

I was hardcore.

I got to do the gyroscope thingy, and the moonwalk thingy...even a mock space launch and mission...

I did NOT, however, bring home a blue jump suit.

Gotta draw the line somewhere.


RyeGuy said...

but the blue jumpsuit would have elevated you into the upper echelons of the nerdery. you would have been the Hera to Urkel's Zeus.

Uncle Buck said...

UB's not sure which one is worse the pink pack or the dress made from the living room drapes...way to let your dork dink flop out for all to see...

Spicy Little Pi said...

The Upper Echelons of Nerdery are achieved later...you will see...

UB-it's a toss up....I think the dress might win. I actually took a school picture in that thing...

the horror, oh god, the horror!

Neil said...

Only when you know that you are a nerd can you become a master of the art of nerdhood.

Well done, Pi. And thanks for droppin' by!