Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Rich People do all kinds of retarded things.

One that really irritates me is when they dress up their pets.

A fucking DOG is running around in a foofy little lacy shirt and real diamond encrusted collar that cost more than my whole outfit?!


That money would be better spent on a brain transplant.

Or not.

Some people are beyond help.

There are tons of sites that sell that shit. (of course)

They have ewtsy cutesy stab-my-brain-with-a-q-tip names like DoggieVogue and GlamourDog.


Then there's this:

Yeah, those are Gold Crowns. It cost $1800.

His owner, dentist David Steele, said he gave Sebastian gold crowns to help strengthen the fanged feline's teeth. Steele said he was worried the unique canines would break off or become a problem.
How about when the sun hits those crowns just right and reflects into your eye, blinding you as you just so happen to be slicing meat, causing you to slip and chop off a finger instead?

. . . think about it. . .


Bling out your pets and lose a finger.

It's your choice.

I realize the irony of me spending 60 bucks to have my kitty cut like a lion, but that's actually FUNCTIONAL, so eat it.

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