Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pi's on Vacation!

Yes, it's true, the workaholic that I am...

I'm going on Vacation!

(sort of.)

Not a tropical destination, Europe, or even Canada.


The Jaunty Lookin Hobo is flying in from the UK!

He's never been to Chi-Town. So Pi will show him.

Hobo is a fellow nerd, he's been hard at work on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (a programming nerd!)

For you gamers out there, it looks fucking sweet. Check it out.

While all of you suckers are at work, doing your boring jobs and blogging to escape from it, we will be checking out comedy at The Second City. . .

Visiting various museums, the aquarium, the music festival. . .

Possibly dining at Medieval Times. . .

And, of course, enjoying Real Chicago Pizza

I even made a spreadsheet.

Activities, locations, hours, cost, special shows with times...even a tentative schedule.

My nerd couldn't resist.

Enjoy your week, weekend, and first part of next week!

If you need a dose of The Pi, dig around in my archive bin or the links! (I will miss reading everyone!)

There's some funny shit in there, if I do say so myself. . . back next wednesday : )

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