Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Little Lion

Here's my Little Lion all balled up on my bed.

She's a teeny little thing.

Jayda, the Ugly One, is about 3 years old.

She only weighs 6 pounds.

Her hair was about 5 inches long.

She has a FLAT FACE. (notsogood for cleaning)

Lots of hairballs. (make pi angry)

There's nothing like coming home from a hard day's work (and blogging) to find a nice pukey stain ON YOUR BED.

On your 600 thread count sheets.

Time to draw the line.
an action shot:
No more hair for kitty!

And She's Thrilled:
At first when I saw her running around like that in my apartment, I almost felt bad.


After she started being nice again, I was able to snap a little picture of us.

Aren't we cute?

Drooly, the fat one, didn't recognize her.

She growled at her.

She swatted at her.

Poor thing.

I think she's adorable.

And she totally deserved it.

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