Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pi's a NERD, Part III

The continuing story of my nerdery...

Once Pi hit college all hell broke loose. Well it was actually the summer before college.

Pi, meet cheap beer, cheap beer, Pi.

It was love at first sip.

Once school began, Pi started her curriculum....


17 credit hours.

Then I took STAT 101.

And fell in love all over again.

I became, a DOUBLE MAJOR.

But that wasn't enough. . .

I went to summer school for 2 of my 3 summers.

Then I picked up a MINOR in ECONOMICS.

yawn. yeah, I know.

I was even on The Bowling Team. (Stories HERE)

I was the Treasurer. (I'm so cool...)

Then I applied for graduation...and received a letter saying:

Since you are such a nerd and are planning to graduate having completed 2 curriculums AND accumulated more than 30 credits over the necessary limit, you are eligible to receive 2 DEGREES.

I did this in four years. (i brag, i brag...)

You know how they make college freshman sign a paper saying they'll graduate in 4 years?

Well, they do, The Soar in Four Program. (barf)

Yeah, that was me.

And I actually did it. I STILL have friends in college. Going on year #7. . .(the anti-nerds)

That is where I graduated, though there were ALOT more people since I marched in a May ceremony...4 fucking hours!

My Academic Nerd Status is firm.

Guess what, I'm not an actuary, a mathematician, or a teacher. I don't work for the Bureau of Labor Statistics or even the Census Bureau.

Those degrees are gettin some good use.

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