Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Testicle Update

I've been putting this off. . .

Update on The Nut Fry, which was first mentioned here (and the inspiration for Jetson's Ball Machine Shirt)

I went. (I LOVE how happy she looks!)


And I did it in the dark. (got there around 10pm...)

The smell in the parking lot where this little shin-dig was held was....distinctive.

They were about 1.5" in diameter, breaded, and FRIED.

The size makes me think they were Pig Scrote.

The texture, hmmm well this is an odd one. If you chew on it, very tender.

But you can't just bite off a little piece!

Tried that. Tough.


Which brings us to The Taste.

Not bad. Not like chicken. Not like beef, or pork either....


There's no way to describe it!

I took this picture with some shitty camera phone or cheap digital...I don't remember...

Night Vision Testicles!

And after chowin' down on testicles....

To the Gay Bar!

As I was moving my way to the front of the room to take in the drag show in all its glory, I saw someone I recognized from a few classes in college.

He turned his head a little...saw me, so I waved...

His head snapped back so fast he could've caused whiplash.

5 minutes later as I made my way back out...he was nowhere to be found!

Could he be GASP.....GHEYY?!

shrug. Not a big surprise.

Amazing who you'll see (and possibly out) at the Gay Bar...

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Spicy Little Pi said...

I don't know which is 'worse' - being out-ed or ppl not being surprised that you're gay...