Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Birthday Outing Ctd

And then we started taking pictures:

Our friend Jessi, recently back from Florida, and now a little wimp when it comes to cold, happened to be around!

She, too, has felt the touch of the Sammich Shoppe.

Jessi n Pi

Big O was determined to be 'That Creepy Guy' in the background of the pictures . . .

Best Friends

Big Dan's just happy to be out n drinking!


The Big O in deep thought. . .

The Big O

And then things got a little rowdy . . .
my boobs DID look fantastic that night...

Lucious Pi

Time to switch bars! We walked down to the Royal Mile, a pub of some sort, and ran into some people . . .

Cheers to Boobies

Then we really started getting our Drink On, we're pretty toasted here . . .

Gettin Our Drink On

Did I mention we were rowdy?


Note Big O being creepy in the background!

We be Drunk!

We hit DRUNK around 1:30 . . . after Birthday Boy drank some SCOTCH

I wandered off to some after hours
where I drank a half a beer and spilled the rest on some guy, and then passed out on a couch for a few hours...

Naked Hummus
couldn't WALK so Big O and Big Dan had to damn near drag/carry him.

We knew we wouldn't want to go far so I got us a hotel room at the Marriott . . . Here's the room when I checked in:


And when I returned at 5am:

5am Hotel Return

A good night!

We felt a little older...we're not in college anymore..usually we'd still be drinking at 5am!

We had a case of beer on ice for when we got back, I think we killed 2 cans.




Spicy Little Pi said...

More pics from that night in the flickr!

Anonymous said...

Fun good for you whoo! Now that I'm in actual employment I hope to have fun like that! Until then, JEALOUS!

Spicy Little Pi said...

i always enjoy a good groping!

Tayster said...

I think we all enjoy a good groping.

Some of us just prefer be on the groper's end instead of the gropee's.