Friday, September 01, 2006

el Bait Shop

The Secret Order of the Red Stapler had a lunch gathering today at el Bait Shop in downtown Des Moines.

Talk about a buncha dorks.

BossMan thought it'd be a good idea for all of us to go somewhere cool for lunch.

Especially since we're moving in with the other company soon.

We need to take advantage of the time we have left to solidify our little 'clique.'

One guy was even rockin a bow tie.

As you can see, el Bait Shop has a wonderful amount of microbrews on tap.


Of course, lunch time banter for invesment folks is usually pretty dull.








Did I mention Money?

Today was a little different...the TV had a commercial for 'Natural Male Enhancement that WORKS!'

'My son just LOVES those Enzyte ads, he thinks that guy and the looks on those ladies faces are so FUNNY!'

Then we started in on it...

FOUR HOURS? Call your doctor after four hours? You really think guys are calling their doctors first and not their friends...'Hey dude, yeah I've had an erection for FOUR HOURS and counting!'

What would you do with an erection for four hours anyway? (That one raised some eyebrows.)

How would you like to be the doctor that gets that phone call?!

Uhhh, yeah, I've had an, um, erection for going on four hours now. . .

I think after four hours my wife would call the cops before I would call the doctor!

Get away from me with that thing! I'm getting a restraining order!

Have a good 3 day weekend!!


sadsack said... you aver watch that show "The office" with that guy from 40 year old virgin... it is insane. One of my favs

Spicy Little Pi said...

i've seen it a few times, and i've likee it - but haven't gotten into the habit of watching it regularly...i'm afraid it'll be like watching people at work!

corrupted_hockey_fan said...

I hope to see that show...if the UK gets on the ball and gets it..

ATL LG said...

flip you for which is worse...going out to lunch with investment bankers or going out for lunch with a bunch of computer dorks....they would have pointed and giggled at the Enzyte add...before saying something like " I heard the chemical formula in that stuff is not approved by the FDA." DUH

Spicy Little Pi said...

LOL i bet it's more entertaining with the bankers, they at least make it out of the office to see clients...

and when they are here they aren't stuffed into a dark corner in front of a computer screen...

also topics of conversation don't lead to things like 'the latest patch for that game i'm currently addicted to'